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The main theme of this site is about sexual assault and trauma recovery.As you read, it is possible that flashbacks will occur and you may feel sick or ill.

Please do not take a look at it if you feel comfortable and if you feel it is difficult.Please read only if you can manage your own health and self.

Purpose and posting rules by Yukihana

Please read from this page,firstly.But,this page is in Japanese,sorry.

za.#With Snow Flower

This is the English topic category of “A.Japan Beauty & Human Beuty”.
za1.Japan Beauty
za2.Human Beuty
…were translated into English.

Another category and blogs were also this category.

zb.Snow Days

This is the English topic category of “b.Yukihana7s Snow Days”.
zb1. Yukihana’s Snow Day
zb2. Yukihana’s white snowy road
…were translated into English.

zc.Trauma Therapy

This is the English topic category of “c. Yukihana’s Therapy”.
c1. Main Therapy by F therapist
c2. Subtherapy & peer support (self-help)
c3. Various therapies for Snow flowers
c4. Learning is healing: Therapy related
…were translated into English.

zd.Tone and Tuning of Society

This is an English topic category of “d. Tones and tunings of society”.
d1. Tones of Society: Current Affairs
d2. Social Tuning: War and Wartime Sexual Violence
d3. Discord in Society: The Problem of Gender Discrimination
d4. Consonance of society: The problem hidden in sexual violence
…were translated into English.

ze.Revise the sexual criminal law

This is an English category “e. To Floral Spring♪ Sexual Criminal Law Revision”.
ze1. Sexual criminal law amendment: A call for spring
ze2. Learning for sexual criminal law revision: As a flower blooms
ze3. Thoughts on sexual criminal law revision: flowers and fruits
…were translated into English.

zf.#With Flower Demo

This is an English category of “f. Yukihana and Flower Demo”.
f1. Yukihana and Flower Demo
f2.#Me Too & #With You
…were translated into English.

zz.Another category

This is the another category for blogs and pages out of category za-zf.

All English blogs use this eye-catching image. This is for appearance and organization.

We have to find the obstacles to growth and remove them.

by Gene Shinoda Boren




I am learning a lot from the therapist.

I also learned about Gene Shinoda Boren from the therapist.I aim that “connection is recover”.

Yukihana Petit introduction

I am a sexual violence survivor in four years old.I was born in Nagano.But I could not any medical and social supports,so I moved to various places,Tokyo,Shikoku pilgrimage,Koyasan and Ise only relying in faith.Now,I can get a special therapy and Flower Demo activity.

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